What Type Of Players Do The Mavericks Need

Fresh off of a Championship run and with the lockout in full effect and neither side budging it may seem like a question that is not exactly pressing at the moment, but it will need to be addressed eventually. With the veteran lineup that-s in place in Dallas it-s important that they are infused with younger talent. Not rookies exactly, but fresher, more talented legs. Of course in order for a Championship run to be possible, some type of veteran leadership must be there, a perfect example in Oklahoma City as well Chicago falling short.This/tag helps explain it more. Both of these teams have amazing talent yet lacked the leadership to push them far enough. Dallas seems to already have all of the pieces to the puzzle and even though Dirk is a machine and Terry Porter must have a man on him at all times, these guys aren-t getting any younger. Jason Kidd is a great point guard but his number is just about up, as in probably next season so perhaps another young, quick and attacking point guard will help in that area. One that will allow them to keep the pace should Jose Barea go elsewhere. With the performance he had in the Finals, it-s safe to say his stock shot way up which could most likely create great opportunities for him elsewhere as well as a great bargaining chip for the Mavs. Caron Butler should be back so any gaps at the Forward spot should be filled. Notice the key word is “should”, being gone for that long doesn-t always pan out to well in the short term, and professional sports is almost always about what have you done for me lately. In his case, nothing. As a whole it looks like as long as this team stays largely intact another run is more than possible.