October 6, 2011
Are The Mavericks In Need Of A ShaQ Type Player

After the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship, many are questioning whether or not they will be able to repeat. First let us look at the age factor, Jason Kidd and Jason Terry are nearing the end of their careers and many NBA analysts are expecting the Mavs to be looking for a legit point guard in the 2012 draft. After they traded their two draft picks to the Portland Trail Blazers for flashy forward Rudy Fernandez, it leads us to question, what’s next for the Mavericks?

Though the main big man for the Mavs was newly acquired Tyson Chandler, will the defending champs need a Shaq type player to back him up? After the Mavericks defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to win the championship, it was evident that even though they overcame all the odds, they are still in need of another center. Though they had two young big men in Ian Mahinmi and Brendan Haywood, I believe that the Mavericks are definitely in need of a Shaq type presence down low to help spread the floor for Dirk and company. While the NBA lockout is definitely leading to many questions about the upcoming season, we will just have to continue speculating as to what is next for the Mavs.

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